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We exist to glorify God by making disciples of all people through Gospel truths and Gospel living. Our hope is to equip all youth to love God with all their heart, soul and mind as well as loving their neighbor, community and church.

Here at CBC Youth we have our core values. These are just characteristics that define who we are as a ministry. If you'd like a full description, please download CBC Youth Core Values (for Leaders).

Our ultimate core value is that you run to Jesus for all your life. There's a difference between merely attending church and truly following Jesus; at the end of the day, we would rather have a few who are willing to dive deep in their faith rather than thousands who remain shallow. We believe religion is easy, but the cost of following Jesus and taking Him seriously is far more difficult. To this end, we run away from anything that draws us away from Jesus and we run towards those things that pull us towards Him. We want to constantly be unsatisfied with where we are spiritually and always yearn for more of Jesus.

We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings together messed up people and makes them new. We're not all best friends and we don't always get along, but we believe that because of Jesus we are one family. It is through Christ's love for us that we are able to love and protect our people, as well as love on others and invite them into our family. We believe in partnering alongside other Gospel-centered churches.

We believe that Jesus offered anyone who would be willing to come and follow after him and be his disciple. And then he commanded those disciples to make other disciples. We understand disciples as those who are learners and followers of Jesus. And so as we learn about and follow after Jesus, we bring along others for the journey.

We believe that some are on missions overseas...yes, but we understand missions as where God has placed you according to Acts 17. God has determined the times and places that he placed you and the youth. This means there are no accidents and that God has placed you here for a specific purpose. Wherever you are, wherever you go...that is your missions field.

We believe that God has given you your gifts, time, talents and abilities for His kingdom and to push back the darkness. Those things that God has given to you are not meant to stop with you but are given to you to push back on others. We believe that God has gifted each person differently and with different set of skills, abilities, talents and spiritual gifts. Therefore, you do not have to be like the next person...but you can use your uniqueness to further the kingdom.

We acknowledge and trust that God has spoken to the world and to his people through His Word - the Bible. We believe that it is completely and fully God's Word and it is perfect in what it says, how it says it and how we should live. We believe that God's Word is all about Jesus. Therefore we humbly learn from it and hear from it. We know that there are hard things in the Bible and yet we unapologetically preach and teach from it. We do not shy away from difficult text and we teach the full counsel of scripture to our youth.

This is something we're trying to stress more with our youth group. We say that we can plan an awesome youth program and work our guts out... but unless God shows up and changes lives, then it's all worthless. We're so dependent on Him that we need to constantly beg for Him to move not just in our activities and programs, but more importantly in our lives. We believe prayer is not just saying a few words before a meal, but it is an act of worship that is done with all of our lives. Prayer is performed by speaking, sabbath, tithing, confession, fasting, meditation and thanksgiving.

We believe that those who belong to a church have the privilege and responsibility to love and serve the church where they are a member of. We expect our members to commit, serve, honor, attend and love this community.

Youth ministry is impossible without the active involvement and partnership of their parents. It's our goal to never become the primary discipler in our youth's lives, but instead to equip, enable and empower parents to lead gospel-centered families.