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A cell group is an informal, non-threatening gathering of 4-12 people, led by trained lay-leaders. Cells meet in one another's homes for between 1 hour and 20 minutes and 1 hour and 30 minutes a week. The ultimate purpose is to reach our world for Christ. This is done by building relationships within the group, caring for and encouraging one another in our spiritual growth, learning together what the Bible is saying to us and by reaching out to those outside the cell group.

Cell groups are located throughout the Houston area. Along with getting to know others, we'll be participating in a follow up study of Pastor Dan's weekly messages. For information or questions about this ministry, please contact Barb Ho at or Peng-Sea

Cell groups are not Bible studies or fellowship groups. The following are the particular differences that distinguish them from other small groups:

  • Cells meet from one hour and twenty minutes to one hour and thirty minutes maximum each time they meet.
  • They encompass a self learning form of "Bible study". Everyone learns what scripture is saying together. There is no teacher, only a "facilitator" who keeps discussion flowing and Biblically based.
  • The size of a cell is between 4 and 12 members. Once it passes that number, it immediately breaks into 2 groups.
  • The purpose is multiplication, so groups know ahead of time that they're not meant to stay together forever (so as not to allow cliques). Groups will change in some way about every 2 years.
  • Open sharing is important. The environment must be supportive, comfortable and confidential for all to share about their good and not so good times.
  • Cells consist of prayer & worship, study of the Bible, sharing and fellowship.
  • Growth and outreach are major focuses. New members are always allowed and encouraged to attend cells. Cells are never closed to new members.

Certain small groups may come to be in CBC that will be only open to certain individuals; these will not be regular cells, but instead small groups with a particular focus.

  • Be Confidential
  • Make it a point not to pass on information shared in the group with another individual outside the group.
  • Do not share information about a person not present without their consent.
  • Be Sensitive
  • Be aware of limited time when you're speaking; don't talk too much.
  • Be careful not to interrupt when others are sharing.
  • Keep your words kind.
  • Don't problem-solve

WELCOME TIME: (15 min)
FOCUS: One another
AIM: Building relationships within the group

The WELCOME TIME is an ice-breaker that gets the group sharing with each other. It needs to be able to be answered by anyone without requiring a lot of trust or intimacy. It should be a simple question that can be answered in one minute or so. The purpose is to build community in the group.

WORSHIP TIME: (10 min)
FOCUS: Us to God
AIM: To focus our attention as individuals and as a group on the presence of the Lord Jesus

The WORSHIP TIME is meant to focus the hearts of the group away from themselves and onto God. This is often, but not exclusively done through singing worship songs. Worship is a chance for us to reflect on who God is and to speak the truth about Him to each other. WORSHIP TIME can be spent in a wide variety of ways, but keep 2 things in mind:
1. each person must be able to participate
2. the focus must be on the Lord Jesus

WORD TIME: (40 mins)
FOCUS: God to us
AIM: Allow God to minister to us as we study his word

The WORD TIME is based on a Biblical passage of the previous week's sermon. The goal is not Bible study or philosophical discussion, but instead a time where group members learn together what the Bible is teaching, as well as open up and share about their personal spiritual journeys.

WITNESS TIME: (15 mins)
AIM: Allow God to reach and minister to others outside this group through us

The WITNESS TIME is a time focusing on reaching others with the gospel of Christ. This includes a time of prayer with an expectation that God is going to use us to reach our community for him. Along with a time of prayer, the group can spend together time creating strategies to reach those who do not know Christ, taking responsibility for one another's friends and family members (e.g., social and special outreach events). This time is essential to the dynamics of the group, making growth and multiplication the normal expectation.

  • Must have a loving, consistent walk with God
  • Will be acquainted with the questions being studied and the general direction of that week's meeting
  • Must commit to pray for the cell and its members
  • Will NOT dominate or teach the cell. Instead, his/her job is to guide and gently lead the discussion of the cell in a Biblical and flowing way.
  • As well, they will help deal with any problems that may arise within the cell
  • Will fill out a monthly cell evaluation form, giving indication of how the cell is doing
  • Will attend quarterly cell meetings
  • Provide a house or an apartment for a weekly 1½ hour meeting
  • Will be available for quarterly meetings with cell coordinator
  • May or may not provide refreshments for the group; this is up to the host